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About Maurice

Being creative is being a little bit crazy in just the right vibration.

In 1981 I saw the light of day in the city of Tilburg. Where ancient Dutch King Willem II once said: ''This is where I breathe freely and am most happy''.
Growing up a few yards across from (what now is) Tilburg's most legendary music venue "013", had to make me a music nut from the get go.
It was the exact same place where my oldest ancestors started the Tilburg textile industry in the 15th century that reigned until the 1970's.

I'm married and have 3 kids, cats, bunnies and a pug. (A dog that I truly admire for its sense of humor and character) and work mainly from my home studio, a former school and principal building in the Tilburg area. The municipal monument was designed by Den Bosch architect Valk, who was one of the most important architects of traditionalism and built a large number of churches and houses, especially in the south of the Netherlands.

I have a passion for American luxury cars, art, books, nature and architecture and I love visiting castles and museums. I'm also interested in spirituality, NLP, law of attraction and extraterrestrial life.
As a total music geek I dig everything from jazz, blues, soul, classical music to country, alternative, southern rock and house music. You can find my lists on spotify.
And did I mention I'm a fragrance collector? The classics bear my preference so if you ever smell someone from an arm's length, it could be me wearing a 1980's powerhouse.